• Ultimate (Discus)

    November 6th, 2016 1:38 pm - Comments Off on Ultimate (Discus)
    The Ancient Greeks competed in Discus. Today we know this as Ultimate (Frisbee).   On November 19th our  Leagues came together at  the Masonic Home in Covina for a day of...
  • SCJ Basketball

    July 5th, 2016 8:29 pm - Comments Off on SCJ Basketball
    2016 SCJ Basketball was held on July 16th at Sonia Sotomayor High School in Los Angeles California. Congratulations to Liberal Arts Chapter on their championship.
  • SCJ Sweethearts Ball

    July 5th, 2016 8:25 pm - Comments Off on SCJ Sweethearts Ball
    Thank you SCJ for making the Jurisdiction Sweethearts Ball a resounding success! It was held July 9th at the Pasadena Masonic Lodge.
  • SCJ Sports Day

    June 5th, 2016 4:48 pm - Comments Off on SCJ Sports Day
    2016 SCJ Sports Day at Hart Park, Orange. It may have rained, but SCJ shined! Candidates for League and Jurisdiction Offices were announced, look for them on the Campaign trail.
  • S.C.J. Football 2016

    April 24th, 2016 11:12 am - Comments Off on S.C.J. Football 2016
    When: May 14th, 2016 Where: El Dorado Park WEST Long Beach. – We came, we saw, we had a great time playing Passing League Football.  
  • SCJ Membership Class 2016

    March 29th, 2016 9:07 pm - Comments Off on SCJ Membership Class 2016
    On March 12, SCJ conferred degrees for 22 new brothers into our Order. Congratulations to our new members! Special thanks to the Pasadena Scottish Rite!
  • SCJ Bowling

    December 20th, 2015 5:19 pm - Comments Off on SCJ Bowling
    SCJ Bowling will be on January 2nd, 2016 from 11:30 pm to 5:30 am! The price per BOWLER is $30 and the price per NON-BOWLER is $15. Fee includes shoes, all night bowling, and all...
  • 2015-16 Theme Pin Revealed!

    October 10th, 2015 4:49 pm - Comments Off on 2015-16 Theme Pin Revealed!
    JO’s Log: Star Date: October 10, 2015: In our travels, we’ve come upon the SCJ logo and pin for the 2015-2016 term! Featuring a familiar emblem, combined with the insignia of...
  • 2015-2016 SCJ Officers Installed

    September 15th, 2015 10:11 pm - Comments Off on 2015-2016 SCJ Officers Installed
    On Sunday, September 6th, the new Jurisdiction Officers of Southern California were installed! The theme was revealed to be Brotherhood: The Final Frontier. Also, the new...
  • 2015 Grand Master’s...

    August 13th, 2015 10:40 am - Comments Off on 2015 Grand Master’s Membership Class
    This year we are happy to once again offer our chapters the opportunity to bring any candidates for Initiatory or DeMolay Degrees to our Grand Master’s Membership Class on the...