2019 Conclave

August 30 – September 2, 2019

Riverside Hyatt

3500 Market Street, Riverside, CA 92501

Thank you for your interest in Southern California Jurisdiction Conclave http://scjdemolay.org/?page_id=2232&catid=22019!!!

We are very excited for our event this year and look forward to seeing you all! Please read through the bullet points below BEFORE registering.

If you need to make payments toward your Conclave Registration please use this link to guide you to the Payment Page. 

Registration is closed, please email conclavereg@scjdemolay.org for any questions.


Conclave Registration Rules

Adults over 21 can register under the following conditions

  • Registered Advisor (of any of the youth Groups)
  • Significant other of a registered Advisor who is also attending
  • Parent of an active DeMolay who is also attending
  • Grand Lodge officer and his significant other
  • Current officers of any of the youth groups
    • Jurisdiction Officer (Male & Female)
    • League Presidents
    • League Sweetheart & Princesses
    • Grand Bethel Officers
    • Grand Assembly Officer
  • Conclave assistance staff. (These can be a past JO or Conclave Chairmen that have not become Certified Advisors. These people will assist with Conclave and must be pre-approved by the Conclave Director & EO). They may not be used as Advisors or roles that require a Registered Advisor. An example of a way they cannot be used is the Services staff.


  • ICS recommends that DeMolay youth be housed by age range such as 12-14, 14-16, 15-17, 18-20. Please select your roommates with this in mind.
  • For those that do not select roommates, the decision will be based first on age, then on chapter/league.
  • Current officers that are 21 can be roomed with ages 19-21.
  • Grand Bethel Girls over 20 can be roomed together.

Advisor Coverage

  • All youth must have an Advisor who is registered for Conclave “sign” their form.
  • Female youth must have a female Advisor.
  • Every Chapter that sends at least 5 Members must send at least 1 Advisor from their Chapter Advisory Council.
  • No Advisor should sign for more than 10 youth


  • If you are a VIP you will receive a letter and a promo code if necessary, please register under adult or youth normally.
  • This group is typically made up of Grand Lodge officers and a select few heads of other Masonic organizations who will be escorted at Grand Banquet


    • If you request a single room (adults only), you will be charged an additional $161.00 (To request this please register in the normal manner and then email conclavereg@scjdemolay.org to state you would like a single room) Space is limited so it will be treated on a first come first serve basis
    • For the Early Bird Price the deposit must be received by midnight on June 30, 2019, otherwise your registration amount will increase
  • For ALL Registrations, the deposit must be made by the Final Deadline date of August 4, 2019 or registration will be CANCELLED
  • If a check is sent to the DeMolay Center, it must include the name(s) and amount(s) of who it should credit for registration. The received by date will be when the DeMolay Center receives it NOT the postmarked date.



Deadline Date Total Deposit
6/30/19 $295.00 $95.00
8/04/19 $335.00 $135.00


Deadline Date Total Deposit
6/30/19 $335.00 $140.00
8/04/19 $375.00 $175.00
  • Staff members will have a $45 discount, based on when they register and pay their deposits
  • Staff, VIP and Grand Lodge Officers will receive a Promo code to enter for their price deduction
  • Anyone wanting to register after August 4, 2019 will be put on a waiting list and may be charged an additional fee
  • Deposits will need to be made by deadline dates or registration will either increase or be CANCELLED.

Sunday Prices:

Sunday Brunch $35.00
Sunday Banquet $55.00
Sunday All Day $85.00
  • Sunday must be PAID IN FULL by end of day on August 23, 2019. If not then reservation will be CANCELLED.
Full Time Registration AFTER August 4, 2019:
If you would like to attend Conclave 2019 Full Time please email conclavereg@scjdemolay.org and you will be placed on our waiting list

Thank you for your interest in Conclave 2019. We look forward to seeing you!

Please email conclavereg@scjdemolay.org if you have any questions.