Commemorating the Martyr death of
Jacques DeMolay , 18th March 1314.

Jacques DeMolay, last Grand Master of the Holy Knights Templar.
At this dark day you died. The Inner Church you protected with great
vigil and with discipline, as your predecessors had done before you,
fell at the hands of those who were set to serve it , but betrayed it instead.
King Phillip, he that were called fair, because he didn’t tax those who
were taxable, but ruthlessly abused those who were poor, ordered you
killed on account of the kinds of rumors that always circle around
true servants of the Inner Church. About Jesus the impious said,
“look at him, he associates with whores and tax-collectors” and
also “what good can come out of Nazareth?”. It befalls a Christian
to endure such abusive remarks without the thought of revenge,
although I know that you swore at the time they strapped you to the
pyre , that you would have yours. We will have mercy according to
our hearts and the fruits of our hearts – for those ears that would hear
I will say that you were chaste and you very vigilant, when others where
bound as slaves to desires wild horses and hid beyond every possible
lie to escape the scrutiny of the Spirit of Truth.
If that does not count, I cannot imagine what will.
Two days has past since I prayed in memory of the Cathars, my dear
brother, we both know what happened to them, and I find it praiseworthy
that you, of all, armed to the teeth, did not partake in that crime against
humanity. At our times there are no Knights, there are no chivalry and
there are no mission for the Church except that of growing with guile
and self-deceit, on behalf of Anti-Christ, our masters enemy.
When I look at this world, I cannot see any battle in the open, I see
the hidden conflict, to which you among so many others where offered
up as a sacrifice, in honour of the Cruel Lord of this World Which is Darkness.
Many crawled and limped through years in prison as you did, when the
torturers whose minds are not whole but are sheer evil and the reverberations
of the laughter of the devil at last killed you, as they did him, they had let
you suffer long and cruel. I thank our good Lord that there is an end to
such pain and infliction! Also for you, whose conscience are weighed with
lives. So brother, I remember you well, for those good things you added,
and the good work you did in guarding until the allotted time came, the
noble tradition to which we both, by means of Spirit, belong to.
I do remember and I am thankful.

Lord Our God In Heaven, Christ most blessed Testimony to His Glory,
I pray you to keep me as you kept Jacques DeMolay.
I pray you to guard me as you guarded Jacques DeMolay,
and him as you keep and guard me.
I ask for forgiveness of my trespasses, and at this day I
pray for forgiveness for the trespasses of my good brother,
Jacques DeMolay – I ask that our victory be at hand,
and I ask that our progress may be so swift that we will
not ourselves become poverty, although it is in poverty we are immersed.
For all those vigilant, who has fought and fallen, I have remembrance.
As far as the War has gone, since there is no
return, be with us, and have mercy.
As far as the siege which the Body has against the
Whole goes, God, help us pass.

18th March 1996.