Priory Profile PictureWhat is a Knighthood Priory?

The following description of the Order of Knighthood was copied from the DeMolay International website:

The Order of Knighthood is an appendent organization of Older DeMolays. The Knighthood program is for active DeMolays between 17 and 21 years of age who are organized into a subordinate unit known as a Priory with its own officers and ritual.

The Order of Knighthood made its debut in 1946, when its ritual was exemplified before the Grand Council, now known as DeMolay International’s Supreme Council.

Through the years, the activities of the Knights have consisted of social and educational programs geared to older DeMolays, with a special emphasis on career planning and coed activities.

The official name of the order of Knighthood is the Chivalric Knights of the Holy Order of the Fellow Soldiers of Jacques DeMolay. It is not an honorary degree or award, but a working body whose purpose is to extend fellowship and serve the Order of DeMolay.

The main functions of a Priory are to:

  1. Extend and assist the Order of DeMolay and its Chapters.
  2. Maintain the active interest of older DeMolays.
  3. Provide an interesting program for the Priory members.
  4. Above all to provide and maintain a proper example for all DeMolays.


The officers of a Priory are:

  • Illustrious Knight Commander
  • Squire Commander
  • Page Commander
  • Registrar
  • Senior Deacon
  • Junior Deacon
  • Prior
  • Preceptor
  • Sacristan
  • Standard Bearer
  • Sentinel

Some of the services that may be provided by a Priory are:

1. Conducting the Majority Service.
2. Conducting Memorial Services.
3. Assisting with Jurisdictional activities.
4. Serving as coaches, umpires or referees in athletic events.
5. Participating in Masonic service projects.

The services provided by the Saint Bernard Priory are:

1. Assisting the Chapters of Southern California Jurisdiction in providing a traveling degree team to fill the parts that the Chapters cannot fill on their own.
2. Investing and installing the Squire Manors of Southern California DeMolay.
3. Performing Arches of Steel for all Masonic Organizations at their request.
4. Providing mentorship to the younger members of the Order.

History of the Saint Bernard Priory

The following excerpt was taken from a SCJ DeMolay Alumni Association blog:

In 1970, Dad Mel Pixley approved the creation of a DeMolay Priory. It was named the Saint Bernard Priory of the Chivalric Knights of the Holy Order of Jacques DeMolay. The first Illustrious Knight Commander was R. Stephen Doan. We held the first class in Long Beach and DeMolay’s from all over Southern California came to be initatiated. The first core of Officers was from Western League, with Bill Wilson and Martin Fentress as the second and third in Command. The second term resulted in Martin Fentress serving as IKC. The officers were selected from each of the 11 leagues. The orginal plan was that each DeMolay League was to have their own Priory. Dad Pixley thought that by having members from each League in the second core of officers that this might happen sooner. Unfortunately, this did not happen, as it made having meetings and functions more difficult. The Priory has gone through many changes over the years, at times, just being an honoray title to an active group of older DeMolays.

On March 25th, 2012, after nearly 11 years of inactivity, the young men of the Southern California took the initiative and re-instated the Priory program within our Jurisdiction. We hope that this revival will bring with it a new wave of prosperity, comradeship, and progress to SCJ.

15-16 Priory Officers

Contacting the Priory for Assistance

Please note that the Priory must have at least 30 days notice prior to committing to assisting a chapter.

If you would like to request assistance from the Priory, please contact us via e-mail at [email protected] or please contact the Illustrious Knight Commander or the Priory Dad. Remember that we should be given at least 30 days notice.

Furthermore, only the Priory Director, Priory Dad, and the Illustrious Knight Commander can officially commit the Priory to assisting a chapter.

Arches of Steel

An Arch of Steel is an honor guard made up of Sir Knights from the Priory who form two distinct lines and create an archway with steel swords while honored guests pass underneath.

Any Masonic Organization can request an Arch of Steel from the Priory for formal events. If you would like to request an Arch of Steel please contact the Illustrious Knight Commander or the Priory Dad at [email protected] a minimum of 30 days prior to the event.

How to Join

If you are a DeMolay in good standing and meet all of  the requirements set forth by the by-laws of our Priory, you may apply to become a member.

The requirements to join the Priory are:

1. Be a member in good standing of the Order of DeMolay
2. Be 17 to 21 years of age
3. A member of DeMolay for a minimum of 2 years

If you would like to download a petition to join the Priory, please click here for the Saint Bernard Priory Petition.

Please return completed petitions and the appropiate funds to:
Southern California Jurisdiction, Order of DeMolay
303 W. Lincoln Avenue, Suite #200
Anaheim, California 92805