Countdown to Conclave 2019

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  • Preceptor: Nov. Mission Briefing

    November 5th, 2019 5:55 pm - Comments Off on Preceptor: Nov. Mission Briefing
    This Month’s Newsletter…
  • SCJ Disc Golf

    November 5th, 2019 5:35 pm - Comments Off on SCJ Disc Golf
    DeBell Golf Course 1500 E Walnut Avenue, Burbank, CA 91501
  • Preceptor: Mission Briefing

    October 2nd, 2019 5:48 pm - Comments Off on Preceptor: Mission Briefing
    The SCJ Newsletter: For your eyes only…
  • 2019 T-shirts & Hoodies

    August 5th, 2019 3:55 pm - Comments Off on 2019 T-shirts & Hoodies
    Sale has ended. For additional information please contact Dad Matlack.
  • Membership Drive

    July 19th, 2019 12:38 pm - Comments Off on Membership Drive
    “Three Equals Free!” Here are all the details and fine print: For First-Line-Signer on any initiate between today (7/13) and Membership Class at Conclave (8/31), they...
  • Register Now…

    July 18th, 2019 9:11 am - Comments Off on Register Now…
    Before it’s too late! Sunday only registration is open until August 23rd! Full-time registration has closed.